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In a world where technology can no longer be seen as a support function, it’s crucial that business leaders have an understanding of what lies ahead and how they might be impacted.  

Mary-Lou's Experience

Mary-Lou has an extensive background in digital transformation and strategic planning. She has a breadth of experience in the analysis of LMS platforms and that is combined with my two decades of practical implementation and day to day management experience. 

With a love for emerging technology, Mary-Lou is adept at picking the ‘winners’ for her clients and can assist you when it comes to choosing the right digital partners and platforms. She will act as your interpreter, your agent or if required, the mediator, between your business teams and with external partners.

With extensive cross-sectoral experience across education, travel and tourism, recruitment, and retail sectors she can assist you with any of the following:

  • Demonstrating a clear vision and a ‘big picture’ perspective
  • Preparation & support for online, blended, and remote learning initiatives
  • Leading in the delivery of high-quality digital solutions
  • Operating staffing model development and execution
  • Leveraging new technologies and new ways of working
  • Anticipating, collaborating, and delivering sustainable solutions
  • Identifying areas of improvement that will yield productivity improvements & profitability
  • Assisting in articulating technology change strategies aligned with roadmaps
  • Advising on school design and building projects e.g. learning space design, STEM & maker spaces.
  • Identifying strengths & opportunities for improvement
  • Overseeing implementation of Learning Management Systems (LMS) and other specialised platforms
  • Offer advisory to C-level and executive stakeholders
  • Developing medium to long term plans with strategic foresight
  • Identifying and implementation of training requirements
  • Advising on digital marketing, including social media strategy development, presence, and management
  • Working with cross-functional teams to develop frameworks and accelerators to continually drive better customer experiences 
  • Managing and mentoring teams
  • Assisting with community engagement, alumni management and roll out
  • Delivering workshops and presentations on; Digital Transformation, Emerging Technologies, Online/Blended/Remote Learning, Learning Spaces, Social Media, Personal Branding and Women in Technology. 

With a wide network of resources, Mary-Lou can source and engage the right people both here and overseas, to produce the best solution for you. 

Let’s talk

Tania Patson CFRE, Director Flow Fundraising, Director of Development at Mannix College

“Mary-Lou is strategic, no-nonsense and hard-working. She can navigate the digital landscape for you and deliver campaigns collaboratively with you. I would recommend Mary-Lou to anyone.”

November 14, 2020, Tania was a client of Mary-Lou’s

Presenting on Blended Learning at the 3rd Digital Campus and Blended Learning Innovations Conference in 2019
Presenting on Blended Learning at the 3rd Digital Campus and Blended Learning Innovations Conference in 2019

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